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Cloud-based garage management software, billing, tire sales, and mechanical workshops

GEM-CAR on the cloud allows multiple access points in a highly secure and user-friendly environment, which allows owners to manage their business from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the Internet. GEM-CAR is compatible with your mobile phone, your tablet, and your computer. Finally, it is a multi-currency, multi-language, multi-location, and multi-company solution.

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GEM-CAR is simply the ideal management software for automotive mechanics garages.

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Point of Sale

GEM-CAR's point of sale is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly get quotes and invoices for your customers. With its intuitive interface, you can easily create accurate quotes with just a few clicks.

Work Order and Inspection

GEM-CAR's work orders and inspections help you organize your work while ensuring that you do it correctly the first time. With a template adapted to the automotive industry, you can easily create work orders that include legal clauses and a vehicle identification number decoder.

Online Agenda

The online agenda allows you to easily schedule and manage your appointments, offering a multitude of features to optimize your workflow. You can set appointments with a single click, use the "drag-and-drop" feature for flexible scheduling, and manage lunch and break hours.

VIN Decoder

The VIN decoder simplifies vehicle management in GEM-CAR. You can easily add and modify vehicle record information, import data from VIN or CARFAX, and set default parameters for vehicle creation.

Reports and Statistics

Reports and statistics give you access to over 100 detailed reports to make informed decisions. In addition to a complete summary and graphs, these reports include detailed information on sales, technician performance, purchases, inventory, tire storage, recalls, and account status.


Our security system allows you to manage user profiles and control their access to GEM-CAR functions and add-ons. Easily add, modify, and delete user profiles, grant specific rights, and keep a history of changes.

Document and Image Management

Simplify document and image management by attaching them to any function, such as the final quote, to improve the customer experience. With GEM-CAR, you can easily upload photos from your mobile phone, choose from different document and image formats, and attach files when sending quotes by email.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Easily manage your supplier and customer accounts with GEM-CAR. Record, cancel and track customer payments, as well as payments to your suppliers by check or credit card.

Tire Storage

Improve your customer loyalty and increase your profits with GEM-CAR's tire storage feature. Quickly view progress status with color-coded labels by season, manage storage returns, and print legal notes on invoices.

Verbal Authorization

Simplify telephone work confirmation with GEM-CAR's verbal authorization feature. Compliant with the Consumer Protection Act, record essential details such as date, time, telephone number, and involved parties.

Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

With the preventive maintenance feature, you can simplify process automation and increase the occupancy rate of your workshop. You can track regular maintenance services and manage parts in stock as well as associated labor planning.

Sale of Used or New Cars

Optimize your used or new vehicle sales activity with our integrated solution. Easily track the actual costs of your inventory, transfer vehicles from one customer to another while retaining their complete history, and manage related documents.

Features for GEM-CAR PREMIUM and ELITE

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory management with our inventory management feature. Reduce costs, save time, and eliminate errors by easily locating the right auto parts. Track quantities in real time, create kits or canned boxes, set minimum and maximum thresholds, and manage parts returns.

Barcode Management for inventory

Simplify your inventory management with GEM-CAR's barcode management feature. Use your tablet or desktop computer to easily scan barcodes and VINs using the camera. Our solution supports all major barcode technologies, including VIN, QR Code, Code 39, and Code 128.

Courtesy Vehicle and Tool Rental

Optimize your customer service and increase your revenues with GEM-CAR's courtesy vehicle and tool rental feature. Offer an enhanced service to your customers by using our legal agreement feature for courtesy vehicle and tool rentals.

Instant Messaging (Chat)

Improve internal communication and reduce the number of steps in your workday with GEM-CAR's instant messaging (chat) feature. Our integrated instant chat feature allows you to easily communicate with your colleagues and share important information.

Feature for GEM-CAR ELITE

Electronic Time Clock with Punches

Optimize the management of your repair shop with GEM-CAR's electronic time clock with punches. This feature facilitates the exchange of information between technicians and technical advisors, while allowing for tracking of employee performance and pay.

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In addition, you also have access to many additional add-ons, which will enhance your GEM-CAR experience with custom tools, tailored to the needs of your garage or repair workshop!

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